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My Market Plan and Methodology
AgentRobin discusses her Marketing Plan for Selling Your Home
Apr 30, 2013
Thank you for the opportunity to highlight a few of the latest and most aggressive marketing techniques that I implement to sell houses more effectively in our ever changing market. My job is to expose your home to the highest number of qualified buyers and their agents.

When it comes to marketing Real Estate here in San Ramon Valley my experience and advanced internet savvy will put your home in front of the competition making it sell faster and at a higher price.

When you hire me to sell your home I will create a website dedicated exclusively to your home with its own web address. Buyers will now focus solely on your property and we have removed the temptation for them to browse other competing homes.

I also implement a web based marketing piece, the e-tour, and it is far superior to those virtual tours from the past. With this marketing tool I explain to interested buyers all of the features and upgrades of your home. The e-tour will be uploaded to Craigslist, Youtube, Facebook, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and countless other social networking and Real Estate sites giving your home maximum exposure across the information super highway! My technology has built in features that allow me to capture more qualified buyers and highlight your property.

The internet now surpasses print magazines and newspapers for Real Estate buyers and I have in my marketing arsenal all the technology tools available to market your home. These hi tech tools, the photos and e-tour of your home will be uploaded and syndicated to all of the major search engines for maximum visibility literally making your home available to buyers around the world.

One thing that has not changed in Real Estate since I earned my Real Estate License in 2001 is that most buyers, at least in the initial phase of their search, do not want to speak to a Realtor they just want information. With that in mind I have an 800 number assigned to your listing so that a buyer can call this number dedicated to your house and get all of the information about your property. This number will speak exclusively about your home. At the end of the call the buyer will have a few options - they can press one number to receive more information about your house, either via text or email or they can press another number and immediately be connected to me. This 24 hour hotline for your property also has another bonus feature for us. I use the latest call capture techniques to obtain the number that the prospect is using. Now I can do my job, call them back, get them qualified and sell your home!

Once any prospect enters an email into one of my capture boxes requesting information my email campaign system will contact them monthly. Keeping in contact with those buyers is crucial as many buyers who were casually looking at homes last year are in buying mode today. Following up with those prospects is critical because most agents loose contact with a buyer if they don't purchase a home within the first few weeks of contact. Emailing them new listings that meet their past criteria is a great way to peek their interest when they are ready to purchase a home.

I sincerely hope that I have demonstrated that I already have the tools, the market strategy and the technology in place to give your home every possible advantage over all of the other homes for sale in the market place.

I welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss my full marketing effort designed to get your home sold for top dollar.

I am AgentRobin and I look forward to meeting with you soon!
Thank you for taking to time to use my website and hopefully the information you find here is helpful for your community and Real Estate needs. If there is anything I can do to assist with your Real Estate needs please do not hesitate to call me to discuss. Thank you!

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